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    Maritime Security
    Delivering maritime security services in the HRA
    continuously from year 2009 with 100% efficiency.
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    Maritime Security
    MARSEC for fishing fleets.
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    Maritime Security
    MARSEC in transits.

who we are

The Maritime Protection division of Grupo Segur : “Segur Maritime” is delivering maritime security services continuously from 2009 in the HRA with 100% efficiency.

A personnel of more than 120 operators, permanent employed, successfully perform the protection tasks, in compliance with the procedures established in the ISO norms 9001, 14001, 18001 and 28007.


First Spanish speaking company to be certified with the exclusive ISO 28007 “PMSC”. SEE ISO CERTIFICATES

ISO 9001

From 1996 to the ISO 9001. Segur has this certification, the standard for Quality Management most recognized worldwide.

ISO 14001

From 2005 to the ISO 14001. Segur provides remarkable the environmental management system which includes the internationally accepted ISO. This ISO has been developed by the International Organization for Standardization.

ISO 18001

From 2009 to the ISO 18001. Segur also has the ISO setting minimum requirements for best practices in managing Safety and Health at Work.

ISO 28007

First Spanish speaking company to be certified with the exclusive ISO 28007 “PMSC” (under process).

Grupo Segur, History

The Grupo Segur is, from its beginning in 1978, a leader of the private security sector in Spain thanks to its history and prestige. The company with more than 8.000 employees and is present in the main cities of Spain, trough six territorial divisions and twenty seven delegations, strategically distributed around all the Spanish geography. The Grupo Segur is the third private security company in Spain and the only one delivering maritime security services as the protection of the Spanish tuna fishing fleet in the HRA. The company is delivering security services to more than 500 corporate customers and protects 5.000 families and small business through its central alarm switchboard.

GRUPO SEGUR business lines are:

  • SEGUR IBERICA S.A.: Security Guards
  • CONSORCIO DE SERVICIOS S.A.: Auxiliary Services
  • SEGUR FUEGO, S.L: Fire Protection

In its more than 30 years history, the company has evolved with the market and taking advantage from the different opportunities has become one of the big players in the Spanish security sector. Grupo Segur has reached this position thanks to its portfolio of services, history and recognized prestige. The daily target of the company is to satisfy its clients, and overall, to reach the highest level of confidence when they contract its services.

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Segur Maritime provides security solutions for transits in the high risk areas and permanent protection services for fishing fleets.

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Armed Teams

Maritime Security

Permanent MARSEC services for fishing fleets in the HRA. More tan 120 permanent workers delivering Maritime security services in the HRA.

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Maritime Security

List of available ports for embark and disembark in the HRA.

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OP Center 24/365

Maritime Security

Operational support. Legal support.

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Advice, Consulting…

Maritime Security

Advice, Consulting and Business Intelligence. Risk Assessment. Situation Analysis in departing, transit and arrivals points. Risk Analysis for expatriates and foreign projects. Travel Risk Consulting. Crisis Management.

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Maritime Security

Homologated Maritime Protection Courses (40 hours). Pirate Drills on-board. Training in the adoption of the best management practices (BMP4).


The vetting and training of the personnel is one of our main pillars and we do check:

  • Criminal records.
  • Employment history.
  • Experience and Military background.
  • Ship Security Officer Certificate (SSO)
  • Records of medical.
  • Alcohol and Drugs Test Control.
  • Documentation, passports and vaccination certificates.
  • Specific training for maritime protection tasks.
  • Suitability for maritime protection tasks.
  • Seaman's Book
  • STWC 95 with 4 modules
  • Seafarers medical certificate (ENG1)
  • Working languages.
  • SSA
  • Homologated Maritime Protection Courses (40 hours).
  • Physical a mental fitness.
  • FAIDS courses


+34 91 506 52 67

Segur Maritime. Juan de Mariana 15. 28045. Madrid. Spain



Please, push the button in order to download the application kit that you must complete and send to the following address: proteccion.maritima@gruposegur.com